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Enterprise Finance Funds

When conventional financing can’t provide an answer, the Enterprise Finance Funds – the ShoreGrowth Fund and ShoreBridge Capital Ltd. – may provide the help you need. 

Through these funds ShoreBank Enterprise Cleveland provides working capital lines of credit, term loans, lease financings, letters of credit, and equity investments for businesses that, for various reasons, do not qualify for conventional financing.  Investment levels range from $25,000 to $500,000. Investments are often staged through multiple transactions over time as a firm grows and benefits from close advisory support provided by SEC’s business development staff.

By design, SEC focuses its investments within Cuyahoga County on promising early-stage and growing companies with established markets and a defined plan for growing revenue.  We have particular interest in the following:

  • Businesses in the construction, metalworking, and health care sectors.
  • Businesses owned and operated by ethnic minorities and women.
  • Businesses that, through their products, services, or work processes contribute to a healthy local environment.

All companies considered for investments need to have a business plan, three years of financial history (or financial history since inception) and three-year projections.  The company should be able to produce timely, accurate financial statements. 

Companies fitting this description should complete the on-line Business Inquiry Form or download a copy that can be faxed or mailed. One of our business development staff will review the form and contact you to discuss your needs.

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